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People underestimate the risks associated with electricity.

Many accidental domestic fires in the UK are caused by electrical faults.

These accidents are generally caused by old (25 years or more) faulty wiring or poor quality electrical appliances. The electrical wiring in a house, like everything else, deteriorates or develops faults over time and if it‘s not replaced, could eventually lead to serious fire hazards.

Did You Know?

Most electrical fires in the UK are caused by old wiring and worn out sockets, switches and outlets etc.

What should you do?

To ensure that you and your family are safe, it is really important to keep the wiring of your property in good shape.

Rewiring your home can greatly improve both the safety and functionality of your home.

It is also an opportunity to add more switches and plugs for household appliances, home computers, etc.

It is also a good time to future proof your home by adding extra TV and data points, Solar PVBattery Storage, Electric Vehicle Charging points and Intelligent Lighting (mobile or voice-activated).

And if you are planning to sell an older property, electrical rewiring can boost its visual appeal and value.

7 Major Signs Your Property Needs Rewiring

1. Flickering or dimming lights in your property

2. Sparking outlets and constantly blowing fuses

3. A persistent burning smell

4. Power fluctuations

5. Minor electrical shock

6. Constantly tripping circuit breakers

7. Old property with outdated wiring

Other Electrician Services Available


You can use Solar Panels to generate green electricity from sunlight. Over 900,000 homes across the country already benefit from clean, affordable solar power.


EV Charging Points

The future of travel by road is electric. Electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly common sight on our roads and, pressed by pollution and climate targets, the UK government is being urged to bring forward the date when new petrol and diesel cars will no longer be available.

Battery Storage

Battery storage allows you to make the most of electricity that you generate. You can store it so that you can use the energy when you actually need it.

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